About IEF

The International Environment Forum (IEF) is a Bahá’í-inspired professional organization that facilitates learning about the application of spiritual and ethical principles to the challenges of the environment and sustainable development. The IEF welcomes members from the Bahá’í Faith and wider community.

The International Environment Forum was created in 1997, and now has over 215 members in 56 countries on five continents. The IEF maintains links with many more professionals and groups. The IEF was accredited by the United Nations to the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg 2002) as a scientific and technological organization, and IEF representatives actively participate in the UN processes. The IEF is governed by a board of directors elected annually by its world-wide membership during the general assembly.

Working virtually by e-mail and the website, and occasionally at international meetings, the IEF shares results and resources, builds a growing international network of interested people, organizes annual conferences and takes part in various international events.

The IEF…
• Provides a forum for members to deepen their understanding of the social and ethical principles in the Bahá’í Writings and other scriptures that relate to environmental stewardship and sustainable development, including the principles of oneness, unity in diversity, moderation, ecological balance, reciprocity and consultation, and explore the application of these and other principles in their work and activities;
• Encourages and engages with individuals and other groups in a humble posture of learning to apply collective knowledge for the benefit of society;
• Shares knowledge and experience through semi-annual newsletters and technical and academic papers, and annual conferences;
• Maintains a web site (with English, Spanish and French portals) of relevant written materials and resources; and
• Promotes environmental awareness and sustainable development by producing educational materials to empower children, junior youth, youth and adults.

Please visit the IEF website for more information and resources, or email ief@bcca.org.

The e-conference is a regular feature of the IEF annual conference, enabling those who are unable to be at the conference in person to learn about and participate in the conference virtually. A blog team will write short reports and reflections on each IEF-sponsored session, and additional comments on the posted topic are welcome.
Links to related materials, including PowerPoints, photos, videos, and audio files will also be posted. Participants will be able to insert their comments as well. Postings from the 2009 conference will begin on these pages August 13, 2009, although comments are welcomed in advance.
Most materials will be posted the day of the presentation, but due to staff limitations, there may be some delay in posting some entries, especially media files. Please check back following the conference to access any such materials.


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