Blog Action Day 2009: Addressing Climate Change

In observance of Blog Action Day 2009 we joined more than 13,000 bloggers from around the world with a post on climate change. At last count, the topic had been probed by bloggers in 155 countries, reaching a combined readership of more than 18 million. This may set a record for social networking. It is certainly timely as an expression of support for a fair, binding and effective international agreement on climate change in Copenhagen in December!

Blog Action

Climate change comprises one of the greatest challenges the human race has ever faced, and (as noted in numerous posts on this site and others), it has profound moral and ethical dimensions. Those who have contributed least to the problem stand to suffer the greatest consequences. Nonetheless, ultimately we all lose if we don’t act responsibly now, both to mitigate the causes of climate change and help those who are vulnerable adapt to its impacts.

Climate change is testing humanity’s vision and will. Shall entrenched national and sectarian interests prevail, or shall we seize the opportunity hidden within climate change to rise to a new level of human maturity – the next stage in our collective evolution?

Such a step will require us all, individually and collectively, to recognize ourselves as citizens of one world and take responsibility for the wellbeing of all the inhabitants of the planet. An effective future agreement on climate change must have at its core the principle of the oneness of humanity.


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