Religion rejuvenates environmentalism – story on new “Powering a Nation” website

Religion rejuvenates environmentalism

Leaders of the secular environmental movement say that the participation of faith communities is critical. At the same time, these partnerships could change the demographic makeup of religious groups and grow membership. To learn more, watch the video and read the story, reported by writers and photo journalists at the University of North Carolina. It’s part of a new website called “Powering a Nation – the Quest for Energy in a Changing USA”.


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  1. Readers may be interested to know that the IEF website is among the “Get Involved” resources listed on the above web site.
    In the section entitled, Voices from Faith Communities, “Six people from four different religious traditions—Catholicism, Islam, the Bahá’i Faith and Evangelicalism—reflect upon why energy use, climate change and environmental care are issues of faith to them.”