Transforming Environments from the Inside Out

Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009
7 p.m., evening plenary session
Presented by Arthur Dahl

Climate change and the financial crisis are symptoms of an unsustainable world economy hitting planetary limits. The necessary rapid transformation faces barriers deeply rooted in our psyche, values and institutions, requiring spiritual as well as scientific solutions. The Bahá’í concept of oneness requires an integrated perspective and a profound reconsideration of every dimension of our lives, society and environment. Rather than falling into a doomsday depression, we need to see the present chaos as an opportunity to provide spiritual and intellectual leadership to transform our personal lives, families, communities, nations and the emerging world society from the inside out.


3 responses to “Transforming Environments from the Inside Out

  1. This presentation was very well done. As most of the world is full of anxiety about what to do about our environmental situation, this talk made it clear that both global needs and spiritual needs to hand in hand, and that both environmental and social standards need to be addressed. Thank you for this inspirational talk.

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    We are a new non-profit trying to educate consumers, esp. the youth, on how to be environmentally and socially responsible.

  2. Mike Skelton

    I truly enjoyed the session. Is there any chance to have the power point available form Friday nights session because there was so much data absorb.